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Do you dare to compete in ?

Jul 20, 2016

In November 2016, 2016 China skills competition -------The national industrial robot technology application skills competition finals will be held in Beijing.

The competition is the national First grade competition. Competition organizing committee consist of Industry and information technology ministry, human resources and social security ministry , education ministry .The committee is responsible for the management of competition ,overall arrangement and organization. The competition is divided into employee group and student group,.the competition content consists of two parts: the theory examination and practical operation examination.The competition is divided into qualification trials and finals . First prize winners will be awarded the "National technical experts", and promoted to the national first grade level vocational qualification. Other winners will be promoted to the national vocational qualification and get the trophy, honorary certificate at the same time  

During the 18 years ‘s vocational education industry, Dolang group is always provide services for various kinds skills competition as the important ways to test their own technological ability, through serving competition,help competitors, mining the valuable resources competition of vocational education , constantly enhance the level of enterprise technical support and achieve the enterprise’s social value 

Our Dolang group will be take attention on the the latest news of this competition  and provide service for intelligent industrial robot application technology popularization, the professional teacher training, industrial robot equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance and application.