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Gain Metamorphosis, Start from Dolang Set on the Road to Success

Jun 24, 2016

Dolang took action together with Shan Dong Aluminum Industrial professional school on the longest day in this year in Summer solstice. June 21th, the first "Dolang Course" united by Dolang education technology company and Shan Dong Aluminum Industrial professional school held a grand graduation ceremony of Productive practice student. Mr.Jiang zuodong General counsel of Dolang education technology company was invited to attend the ceremony.

At first,4 company training instructors stepped to platform,commented learning condition and living condition of the apprentice they lead,briefly introduced the typical learn tips and working methods of this student.

Then, Mr.Qu shaohui manufacture department manager of Automotive Integration in Dolang company awarded training diploma to this student.Around the working attitude,Learning, professional knowledge and practical level of student,Mr.Zhai shaohui done a comprehensive summary of the first training course,according to career development planning of student,Manager Zhai shaohui told student besides learn the theory knowledge,student also need to walk out of Ivory Tower,Down to earth to participate in the practice of production, establish the foundation for future career.

General counsel of Dolang education technology company,start from the contrast of Dolang professional education pattern,elaborated the significance of first productive training for deeply integrated of school and enterprise,long development of student’s career.Compared at the beginning of the condition student come into enterprise,he said emotionally,Students professional skills upgrading remarkable ,mental state take on a new look, professionalism gradually standardized, especially the daily morning deserve to praise.

 According to how to learn well of the test and maintenance major of car, General counsel compared the traditional teaching model on campus ,Mr.Jiang zuodong farsighted introduced Dolang characterized learning method baackwards learning,using "inside out" way of thinking method, starting from the principle, interlocking technology to carry out theoretical analysis and resolution, the maximum play an important role in improving corporate productivity training learning outcomes.

For the current period outstanding students,General counsel Mr.Jiangzuodong awarded honorary certificates and prizes, also had a cordial exchange with outstanding students .

Month quietly goes by,Shan Dong Aluminum Industrial professional school “Dolang course”,the green years of student already engraved on Dolang company deeply.Dolang company always will sincerely take great care of every young man’s every pillars spread its wings and fly up.Because we all firmly believe:Good,very good,tomorrow will be better.