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Dolang Group go to Russin,to Participate the Nationa lSkills Competition

Jun 24, 2016

May 22, China Technology Exchange Group departure from Beijing and arrival in Moscow in the evening, participate in the National Skills Competition. Dolang Group General Counsel Jiang ZuoDong, chief engineer Wang Liangliang as a business expert to together. Dolang Group is highly affirmed by Human Resources and Social Security Ministry on the work of Operation Mobilization and Foreign Educational Association.

May 23, in the competition site, general counsel Jiang Zuodong communicated with experts from Russian and China to conduct technical exchanges, for the changes on World Cup traditional project conducted in-depth understanding, especially made comprehensive analysis from the equipment, facilities, tools, experts, technical standards and players levels and other aspects. Focus on World Cup competition system new projects, understanding the game project procedures, rules and environment. 

Over the years, Dolang group followed the pace of the World Cup, with technical, security, equipment, training four service system, training services, equipment, value-added services as the main content, contribute to provide high quality services for the WorldSkills trials for selection and training of Chinese high-level skilled personnel.

Rooted in the experience of the previous WorldSkills competition service ,Dolang Group carried out the transformation of resources, , launched a "five-one" integrated overall solution, with a provide strength for the World Cup overall solution from the device, tutorials, resources, methods, evaluation etc. five areas. 

Dolang Group will conscientiously study the Russian preparation run game experience.Toward to the World Cup class security standards in line in the competition equipment, facilities, tools, experts, technical standards, etc. Contribute to put the culture of the Chinese players, selection of staff, help Chinese players the impact of the World Cup top prize.