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Bye Moscow, Dolang Serve World Skill Competition with New Attitude!

Jun 24, 2016

Dolang Group blend Russian experience into the 44th World skill competition qualification trials in Shandong Province.

Tight schedule full of joy, communicate feelings in the ardent race, rich game items to stimulate innovation and creativity. Experts gathered, the world's attention throughout Russia become a large-scale national skills training before the 44th World Skills Competition, as many young players carries the dream, entering the stadium.

Focusing on many times WorldSkills security work , Dolang Group take Russian National skill competition as a valuable opportunity for learning advanced skills, broaden their horizons, self-promotion, cherish. Dolang learn a new variation of traditional game items in terms of competition procedures, technical standards and equipment parameters, etc., Study the relevant competition requirements of the new items of world skill competition. Establish foundation of technology, equipment, consulting capabilities for Shandong Province and the country's World skill competition preparation.

The General Counsel Jiang Zuodong, chief engineer Wang Liangliang refused to jet lag, they lead the team into the 44th World Skills Competition in Shandong Province qualification trials work immediately.

"Learning, standards, integration, improve," is general requirements of Mr.Jiang Zuodong after visited National Skills Competition in Russia. In accordance with this request, Dolang Group take mechatronics, electrical devices, electronics, automotive technology projects contest work of 44th World Skills Competition in Shandong Province trials as the starting point, deploy first-class technical experts in the contest with comprehensive technical support in the details of the contest into the experience of the Russian service, was unanimously approved by the Organizing committee and contestants.

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